The first blog post

My hubby and I found ourselves in an unexpected spot late last year – holding a positive pregnancy test…

Not such a strange thing, you may be thinking. But it was. We stood there in complete, stunned silence.

Our oldest two kiddies were conceived using assisted conception due to infertility issues. We even went on to have an ‘elusive’ third surprise baby, wow was she a surprise!

Our dear little family was complete.

All three kids are at school. It’s a busy household with all the extra things they do on top of school. As well as being a working Mum and having the every day chaos of organising a family of five. They are currently aged 7, 8 and 10.

And then, back to that pregnancy test. Life threw us a little curve ball and apparently our family isn’t complete! We have our fourth child due to join us mid 2017.

After the initial shock and surprise, we and our whole family are thrilled and excited. But we got thinking, suddenly everything old is going to be new again. Or everything is actually going to be brand, spanking new really.

No toddlers to wrangle while feeding a newborn. New baby ‘stuff’ (all of ours is long gone). A bigger car. New car seat guidelines. New this, new that.

A tween and two middle-primary school kiddies to run around everywhere. Health centre appointments and immunisations for bubs. Sleepovers for the big kids, play dates for our little one. Our tween will be off to high school, right as we begin booking our youngest into kindergartens.

It’s going to be busy and lovely and I’m sure, overwhelming at times. A whole new ball game. But we’re excited and ready to roll!

So hopefully this blog will help to keep me on my toes, share my experiences and learn new things along the way too.

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