Fearless Handholders

Our tween is a girl so I can’t speak for boys yet, ours is a few years off.

She’s fiercely loving and extremely caring but when she has her knickers in a twist, our whole house knows about it!

The eye rolling, the attitude, oh it’s there. We are ‘so mean’ to make her do her homework when she’s had a busy day at school and she’s feeling so tired. It sucks to be her because during the week, our kids aren’t allowed to have their ipads, only on weekends. And that’s apparently not faaaaaaair!

Bedtime? She’s 10, almost 11. Yes, there’s a bedtime, and will be for many years to come yet. 8.30pm is too early, she pleads. The funny thing is, she’s still scared of the dark, our fearless little tween and quite often has snuck into her brother’s room to sleep.

She is easily stirred and her younger two siblings play on this. But in the next minute you can look up to see her happily playing dolls with her younger sister, or having a kick of the footy outside with her brother.

So quick to roll her eyes about doing her daily chores (seriously, it’s making a bed and a few other teeny things that take mere seconds out of her day…) and yet, she loves to wander into the kitchen and help me cook.

She can ooze confidence some days and then it only takes one hurtful comment from someone at school and her confidence is shattered. The biggest thing we’re trying to instill in her is to always be kind, always be understanding. Be strong but talk about worries.

As grown up as these tweens think they are, they still need to hold our hands I’m discovering. They seek that guidance and approval while still trying out snippets of the big world on their own.

I think so anyway…I’m still figuring it out too!


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