Such a funny little age

My two ‘inbetweens’ are hilarious. There’s only 19 months between them in age and even though one is a boy and the other is a girl,  they’re very close. They laugh hysterically and play Lego or Uno or outside together for hours.

They’re at that age where they’re so eager to please and want to help out as much as they can…especially with a bit of financial incentive haha! They thrive on doing their little jobs around the house. (Just little things like making their beds, putting their pyjamas on their beds, helping with the dishwasher).

All our kids have chore charts they have to complete each week to earn their pocket money. When they complete a little job, they get a slip of paper with a value on it (50c or $1). They put the slip in their jars and at the end of the week, the swap them for real money. (They can also lose slips for bad behaviour!)

These two have no problems usually, it’s our tween that struggles with her chores the most…I’ll elaborate later!

When our two younger ones have ipad time, quite often we find them on the same ipad either watching something together or helping the other one pass a level on a game. They really enjoy each other’s company.

They have a bit of attitude every now and then but mostly, the funniest things still come out of their mouths. I love this early/mid primary school age.


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