Meals are a funny thing in our house.

We have a tween with food allergies and intolerances (but seriously loves a good steak); a fussy little man (no peas please…or tomato…or…); the ‘whatever’ child (some days she’ll love that meal, the next time – she hates it), a ‘no frills’ hubby (meat and three veg would be his fave – every. single. night) and there’s me…who likes pretty much most things (except steak…).

So I try to cater for everyone!

We stick to things we know we all eat and like – lasagne, ravioli, basic casseroles, tacos, good old chops and vegies…things like that.

Because we’re busy after school most nights, I like to cook ahead on the weekends. Sometimes I freeze meals, sometimes they’re ready in the fridge to pop into the slow cooker. Sometimes busy nights just turn to shit and we end up with soup and toasties…you get my drift.

I don’t ‘love’ cooking but I do like to have some sort of plan for the week ahead. And I do like us to eat mostly healthy. I often find recipes on the internet or Facebook and try them, then forget to save them somewhere and forget about them! So this is my new spot to keep them all together…or totally bag the crap out of the ones that are a failure…


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