Family Budget

Every family needs a budget. Although I’ll be the first to admit it took years for hubby and I to get one in order!

I use a spreadsheet from excel. Initially I downloaded one from a website and tweaked it to suit our needs. But slowly, I’ve created our own and it works really well for us.

There’s always going to be those tough months but using a spreadsheet helps to prepare ahead.

We’re teaching the kids to value their pocket money. Our little boy is quite a good saver. He’s even been known to sticky tape coins to the under frame of his bed!

They’re slowly learning that to just go and blow every penny they make on Pokemon cards or Shopkins means that if there’s something bigger they want, they really need to save harder and resist the urge to buy those smaller things. (That goes for me at Kmart too!)

And sometimes distinguishing the difference between a ‘need or want’ bargain is a tough thing to do!



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