So we’re moving in a month. The house is slowly getting packed and the de-cluttering has started. Being 22 weeks pregnant, I want to be as organised as I can before I lose my motivation (and the last of my stomach muscles). It’s not ideal, moving whilst pregnant but we had been looking to move to a house with more space for a looooong time.

And then out of the blue, the perfect house popped up. So perfect that even bubs is catered for.

But it’s now that we’re realising how much crap we have lying around. So much crap we’ve been hanging onto for too long. We’ve been ruthless this time. Getting rid of so much and it’s such a good feeling!

There’s been many trips to the Salvos over the past few weeks, and the tip. And lots listed on the local buy and swap pages on Facebook.

The pantry was the worst. So much old canned goods. Boxes of unopened stuff now out of date. Half open packs of flour and sugar and other baking goods. Five bottles of blue food colouring?! (Because obviously I have mum brain and forget that I’ve already got some, then buy more!)

The kids rooms…I’m waiting for a spare afternoon when hubby takes them out for a few hours so I can offload ‘treasures’ while they can’t see what I’m clearing out…

We’re getting there though. And we’re vowing to never hoard at the new house!


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