Everything old is new again…

As I said in my intro post, my hubby and I found ourselves in complete shock late last year when we discovered we were expecting our fourth child. After two assisted conceptions and a little ‘surprise’ (our youngest was born 7 years ago) – we now have another little surprise on the way.

We are overjoyed and can’t wait to meet this precious little one. But wow things have changed since our third bub was born! In just 7 years.

Obstetricians, the whole private vs public saga, antenatal testing – it’s all so different!

And where I used to pick up my trusty pregnancy books to look up any info, I now just get good old Google going and I have the answer at my fingertips.

Then there’s all the ‘stuff’. Apart from the pram I couldn’t ever part with and a few of the special clothes I’ve kept, all our baby gear is long gone.  And oh my God is there a lot of baby gear out there now. Something to do everything.

Which got me thinking, after three kids, how much ‘stuff’ did I really find useful? Do we really need all of the stuff? Or just some of the stuff? We went to town on all the fancy gear for our first baby and then it got either handed down or given away (sometimes never used).

I was looking at change tables a few weeks ago and then when I really thought about it, I realised that most of the time, I had used a change mat mainly on the couch or floor because it was more convenient. So I crossed that off the list.

We thought about getting a baby bath…but my other three were bathed in the laundry or kitchen sink for the first few months and they’ve turned out just fine! So…another one off the list.

A few people tried to talk me into using a capsule, which we’ve never used before, we’ve always used the rear-facing convertible car seats that suit birth to 4 years. I can see the benefits in the capsules and why so many parents love them. But in the end decided, nope, just not for me. Again, had this bub been our first, I might’ve given the capsule more consideration. But with a budget and knowing bubs will need to switch to a car seat in a few months anyway, we also crossed the capsule off our list.

I wanted a bassinet again because I do like having my teeny newborns close by at night for feeding. A cot will be needed of course. And probably a set of drawers.

And that’s a good start!


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